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ICSA in Cyprus

Strategic partnership with ICSA: The Chartered Governance

Infocredit Group has entered into a partnership agreement with The Chartered Governance Institute, a UK-based leading chartered membership and qualifying body, specialising in Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance.

This partnership enables Infocredit Group to be the representative of ICSA in Cyprus and thus offer ICSA’s diverse range of products/services to governance professionals. This includes professional development, guidance and thought leadership for individuals and their employers, to promote good governance across all sectors.

We also provide membership opportunities to suit a variety of professional requirements, to students and governance specialists in Cyprus. 

Established in 1891 and boasting a global presence of around 34,000 members and students in 80 countries, ICSA leads the way in delivering the highest standards of leadership and accountability. The Institute’s goals are centred on communicating good practice and training to industry professionals as well as providing support in the form of expert guidance, multiple networking opportunities and other benefits to its members. ICSA is currently the only organisation to confer chartered secretary status to qualified professionals.


  • - Membership to ICSA 
  • - Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme 
  • - Governance or financial compliance qualifications
  • - Accredited Masters programmes
  • - Professional certificates and diplomas
  • - Resources and other services


Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme 

The Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme is the benchmark qualification for governance professionals. It builds a unique breadth of technical skills that equip you for a varied career at board level and is the most common route to Chartered status (GradCG), validating your knowledge with an internationally respected accreditation. 

Governance Professionals and Chartered Secretaries hold a range of jobs such as Corporate Counsel, Company Secretary, or Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance. What unites them is knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements, understanding of corporate strategy and structures, and the skills to support and advise, enabling directors and the board to make the right decisions. 

There are many routes through the qualifying programme according to your needs and educational and occupational background. In the Fast track route for example, a professional accountant or lawyer with 5+ years of relevant experience will be eligible for exemptions and may achieve accreditation within one year.

A range of flexible study methods are available, to match each individual’s personal and professional schedule. Online tuition is delivered by the Preferred Tuition Partner of ICSA, BPP Professional Education. BPP can offer you a successful ICSA study experience, equipping you for a variety of different career paths. 

Learn more about our ICSA governance courses here or visit www.icsa.org.uk.


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