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Credit Assessment

Mitigating your business risk and protecting your assets is vital when entering into new business cooperations


The Credit Assessment service allows you to effectively calculate the creditworthiness of a company using data accumulated in our database. The purpose of this report is to provide you with all the information required in order to assess the transactional behaviour of your prospective business partners and evaluate their ability to honour their financial obligations as they fall due.

Infocredit Group’s unique internal scoring model performs a credit risk analysis which reflects the historical transactional behaviour of companies based on existing detrimental information.


We cross-check all our information with multiple sources and show only the most trustworthy results    



Industry Benchmarking
Evaluation of Related Entities
Structural and Financial data
Supplier Opinions and Reputation Assessment
We are only interested in Relevant, Accurate and Up to Date information!


Credit Scoring


Our unique internal credit scoring system offers companies an additional tool that assists their Credit Departments to make informed decisions during the client on boarding process.

Our credit scoring systems ranks a business using a scale of 1-10, based on its credit quality. This serves as a valuable instrument to assess whether or not a company should extend credit on a new account.



Indicates low credit risk and is assigned to companies of exceptional credit quality.


Indicates average credit risk and is assigned to companies of moderate credit quality.


Indicates increased credit risk and is assigned to companies of low credit quality.


Indicates possibility of very high credit risk and is assigned to companies of very low credit quality.



  • - Secure strong and reliable cash flow

  • - Reduce your business risk

  • - Calculate the creditworthiness of a business

  • - Enhance your Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures


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