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Global Online Platform

Infocredit Group’s Global Online Platform, InfocreditWorld, provides access to commercial and credit information on companies worldwide, through its global network. This unique and extensive database contains information on more than 99 million companies.


The value of business intelligence lies in the fact that it can instantly provide your organisation with useful insight and direction and prevent it from missing out important opportunities. Furthermore, access to this type of crucial business data significantly influences your strategic decisions. This can be highly beneficial to senior financial executives who face intense challenges and pressures to manage a company’s financial situation and need to have sufficient, reliable and accurate data to formulate long-term business plans.


InfocreditWorld’s product range consists of the following:

•    Credit reports
•    Due diligence & KYC reports
•    Certificates & Apostille documents
•    Global media checks
•    Background screenings


Other specialised investigations are also available, which provide a tailor-made package suited to the requirements of each client.


View our samples and prices here.


Automation of processes

Process automation is possible via API which can reduce time spent gathering business data and improve efficiency and accuracy, allowing you to focus your time on analyzing the data and use it to your advantage.

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