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Lexis + : The Legal Solution of Lexis Nexis

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Lexis+® is here! - Experience a new era in research and guidance
Lexis +®
Lexis+ brings a single integrated search to Legal Research and Practical Guidance surfacing the legal insights and intelligence that will drive success.
This intuitive platform enables you to quickly and easily answer legal questions, develop winning strategies, and accomplish tasks.
Bringing unprecedented efficiency to your legal workflow so that you can focus on solving your clients’ challenges and add more value to them in less time.
Research with confidence knowing that LexisNexis gives you access to UK’s largest collection of up-to-date legislation, case law and commentary.
Exclusive content including Halsbury's Laws of England, Atkin’s Court Forms and more than 600,000 cases with commentary all accessed through a single powerful search in Lexis+ UK.
Fully integrated with Practical Guidance, easily understand what the law says and what to do about it all in one place.
Speed up all aspects of your legal work with tools and guidance that help you deliver faster and add more value.
Practical Guidance from LexisNexis gives you the insight and intelligence needed to work on any case effectively and confidently. With ‘how to’ guidance, worked examples and practical tips, as well as practical precedents and clause banks, you can provide high quality and accurate answers quickly.
Fully integrated with Research on Lexis+ UK, see the underlying law relating to Guidance all in one place.
- Single Search
- Search Term Maps
- Search Within Search
- Booelean Builder
- Research Maps
- Workfolders
- Highlighting & User Annotations
- Pinned & Sources
- Answer Cards
- Recent Documents & History
- Persistent Document Links
- Modern User Interface
- One Legislation Single Search Result
- Search Alerts
- The Most Comprehensive Content
Try Lexis+ today for free and see the difference it could make to you or your team.
Request your Free Demo or additional information for our solutions by emailing us at legalsolutions@infocreditgroup.com.